Major Anime Watch Order Viewing Chronological Order

Major Anime Watch Order

Major is a popular sports anime and manga series created by Takuya Mitsuda which follows the story of Goro Honda, a young and talented baseball player. The story runs from his childhood to adulthood as he strives to become a professional baseball player like his father.

Major Anime Watch Order Viewing Chronological Order

Major anime series spans several seasons and covers Goro’s life, growth, challenges, wins, losses, and relationships both as a baseball player and a person. The main Major Anime series has a total of six anime seasons, two specials, one OVA, and a movie to its name.

The Major anime watch order will give you the best idea to watch the Major anime series in chronological order. So, without any further ado, let’s start with the Major watch order –

1. Major Season 1

The very first thing to watch in the Major anime series is the first season that introduces the protagonist of the series Goro Honda as a kid and focuses on his baseball journey from childhood.

2. Major: Message (Special)

The Special Major: Message works as a connecting line between Major Season 1 and Major Season 2 as the special episode provides additional context and further develops the characters from the series.

3. Major Season 2

The second season of Major Anime focuses on Goro’s journey as he grows older and faces new challenges as a baseball player.

4. Major: World Series (Season 3)

Major: World Series which also serves as a third season to the series shares Goro’s experiences at World Series. The season focuses on Goro becoming a top-tier professional baseball player.

Major Anime Watch Order Viewing Chronological Order

5. Major: World Series Extra (OVA)

The two episodes of the Original Video Animation complete the missing pieces from Major Season 3 and provide more relevance to the characters and the story.

6. Major: Message 2 (Special)

The second special of the series Major: Message 2 connects the line between Major Season 3 aka Major: World Series and Major Season 4. This special works as a perfect setup for transitioning from Major Season 3 to Major Season 4.

7. Major Season 4

Major Season 4 continues Goro Honda’s journey as a professional football player and also covers the aspects of his personal life.

8. Major: Yuujou no Winning Shot (Movie)

The only movie in the series, Major: Yuujou no Winning Shot focuses on Goro’s brief journey through a specific tournament as he returns to his homeland Japan from America.

Major Anime Watch Order Viewing Chronological Order

9. Major: World Series 2 (Season 5)

This season focuses on Goro’s journey as he fights the odds to play for his country and earns the chance he deserves. Major Season 5 works as a perfect setup for the upcoming Baseball World Cup where Goro will face his long-time rival.

10. Major: World Series 3 (Season 6)

Major Season 6 concludes the story of Goro Honda and wraps up the storyline. In Season 6, Goro fights against himself and overcomes the adversities to gain his place again in the Major League.

The above-mentioned viewing order for the Major Anime series is best as it leaves no chance of missing any details about the interesting plot and characters.

The “Majoranime series follows the chronological order and starts with Goro Honda’s childhood as he dreams of becoming a Baseball player in Season 1 and then follows his growth and the challenges he faces as a baseball player from Season 2 to Season 6. The Major anime watch order also includes the World Series arcs (last three seasons) and additional special episodes and OVAs for the continuity of the story and related character development. The series has been expanded by developing a spin-off story based on Goro’s son.

  1. How many seasons are there in the “Major” anime series?

    The Major anime series has a total of six seasons covering different stages of Goro Honda’s life and his baseball career, including experiences in various baseball tournaments and the World Series.

  2. Are there any spin-offs or related series to “Major”?

    Yes, there is a spin-off called “Major 2nd,” which follows the baseball journey of Goro’s son, Daigo as he wants to live up to his father’s name and glory.

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